Happy Birthday to my Seventeen Year Old!

It’s hard to believe that my kids are almost grown. Today my baby girl turned 17. I treated her and her best friend and sister to a dinner at O’Charleys. Then the girls headed to the mall for a few hours. We will do most of our celebrating over the weekend. My girls usually like to drag out the birthday celebrations for a week or so. I tried telling her that birthday parties stop after age 16…but she didn’t fall for it.

She is having a birthday party on Saturday and we are taking her and her BFF to a concert in Nashville. Its called the Rock Allegiance Tour. Click here for the Concert details. This should be fun. As a family, we enjoy going to concerts together. Some of my favorites have been Motley Crue, KISS and Green Day.

My post today will be a photo tribute to my daughter, Whitney. Seventeen years ago was one of the happiest days of my life.

Whitney – She can be found rocking out most of the time!
She is always cool!
Having fun with Whitney’!
Almost 17 years ago…..
Beautiful and Brains too!

As a mother, it’s hard to watch my kids grow up. This year has been a challenge for me since Whitney is getting to the age where her mom isn’t her best friend anymore. I’m slowly cutting the apron strings. I miss the days of when she wanted to be by my side constantly, but I’m enjoying watching her find her own identity and grown into a beautiful, young woman.

Happy Birthday, sweet daughter. My wish is for you to have all the happiness in the world and all of your dreams come true.

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