Adventures in Nashville – Day 2

The Parthenon at Centennial Park
Day 2. I woke up early and had the free breakfast at the hotel. I was able to choose a few healthier options. They had fruit, low fat yogurt, coffee, juice and a few healthy cereals to choose from. I passed on the eggs, sausage and biscuits.

After breakfast, I decided to head out to Centennial Park to do some walking/jogging. It was a lovely morning. I walked around the pond a few times and around The Parthenon. If you ever visit Nashville, this is one stop you should make. Click on the links above for information about this park and the Parthenon.

After my easy workout, I got back in my car and drove a few miles downtown to the Nashville Women’s Half Marathon 5k course I will be doing in less than a month I wanted to drive the course and see what to expect. It looks like it will be a good course. There are a few hills but nothing too daunting.

It was a nice weekend to explore in Nashville. It wasn’t as hot and humid as it usually is. I really should do this more often, especially since I only live about half an hour away from Music City! There’s so much to do, even if you aren’t a fan of country music.

Here are some photos on day 2 of my adventures in Nashville:

Nashville skyline

The ducks in the pond at Centennial Park

My semi-healthy breakfast at my hotel

Looking a little tired after my walk/run this morning

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