Going on a hike?

Do you visit state parks in your area? Luckily I am surrounded by many of them. I am seriously thinking about visiting one this weekend for a hike. The closest one to me is Cedars of Lebanon State Park. They have several hikes to choose from and the park only about 15 minutes away from my home. Now I have to decide when I’m doing this. I’m thinking either Friday or Saturday morning will work out fine. Essentials for my adventure: healthy snacks, water, fully charged MP3 player and comfortable shoes.

I’m trying to stay in shape for my upcoming events. My next 5k is only 29 days away. I am doing the 5k on the same day as the Nashville Women’s Half Marathon. My goal is to finish in :45. That is 5 minutes under the 5k I did last weekend. I didn’t run as much as I wanted to during that race, so if I continue training, I feel I can do that. It’s my favorite time of year. I have 3 events planned for the fall. They are spread out about a month apart, giving me plenty of time to train. As long as I continue to improve, I’ll be happy. The transition from walking to running isn’t as easy as I had hoped. But I’m not giving up! Here is one of my favorite quotes/pictures I found on tumblr. This keeps me motivated.

Happy Trails!!

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