Preparing for my 9-miler

I’m preparing for the 9 mile walk I have on Friday in honor of the Fallen Soldiers. We will begin at the Armory in a town nearby and walk a total of 9 miles to the fairgrounds where the County Fair begins on Friday night. I am somewhat nervous about the distance, since the most I have personally done is 4 miles. I am comforted that we will be followed by EMT staff and vans that will transport those that are in distress. It looks like the weather may be nice and only in the low 90’s instead of 100. There is a chance of rain, but I’ll take my poncho just in case. They are also letting everyone know that there will be water stations at every mile. I feel confident I can do this. This isn’t a run, but a WALK. Surely I can walk 9 miles. I’m very excited about participating in this event to support the Fallen Soldiers. I work with veterans in my day job, and it is very rewarding. Our motto is: “Proudly serving those who served.” One of the coolest things about this event is that a group in Iraq is doing the same event at the same time we are. I’m very proud to be a part of this.

I am starting to think about any changes I should make to my diet over the next few days to prepare for this march. I will begin hydrating tomorrow. And I suppose I should do some carb-loading tomorrow night.

The good thing about running/walking events – CARBS!


Here is a link to the event on Facebook – 7th Annual Fallen Soldiers March in case you’re interested.

If any runner/walker friends of mine have any suggestions, please comment! I’ll be sure to post after the event with pictures and details of the walk. Wish me luck!

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