Another month in the books

It’s July 31st and it seems like a good time for reflection. How are your fitness goals going? I am happy with my progress during July. I have stuck to my workout calendar and continued with healthy eating. And more good news to report….I have lost 4 pounds. It doesn’t sound like much but for me it feels wonderful. I have struggled with the scale for months now. No matter what I do, the scale doesn’t move. I think the increased workouts have helped. And using a calorie counter has kept me below my daily calorie goal. I’m glad I have made progress this month. August, I’m ready for you!

I’m looking forward to doing a 5k on the 20th. Time to amp up my training. I’m more worried about the heat than anything. It can get dangerously hot and humid here in Tennessee during August. I’m also used to running on the treadmill. I’m doing this race with my hubby and it will be our first event together. We are trying to figure out how we will deal with our pace differences. We will probably alternate walking and running on this one, since it’s our first. I am very excited about this!

I can tell such a huge difference in how I feel since I’ve been working out more. I can breathe better, I sleep better and I have more energy to make it through long workdays. That alone is motivation to keep it up. I hope I can remember that if I ever start slacking off!

It’s time to plan my weekly meals and workouts. Failing to plan is planning to fail….

I’m loving my life!

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