Healthy eating – PMS gets in my way

I’m frustrated. I am trying to figure out the reasons and find solutions for my unhealthy eating during PMS. I have been keeping a food journal and have found that I stay on track pretty well except for a few exceptions. The times I struggle are the afternoons during the workweek and the week I suffer with PMS.

The afternoons at work are usually easier to deal with. I keep healthy snacks at work and actually choose those over a piece of candy or sweet treat. I have also found that chewing sugar free gum helps some also.

The second one is another story. It seems like I am almost a little crazy during PMS week. Even if I have healthy food in the house or at work, I do not want that. I want something with little or no nutritional value, like Oreo’s or chocolate cake.

I do not like this and I do not want to give in to these cravings. I understand its all about the hormones and being an older woman doesn’t help me either. (by older, I only mean that I’m not in my 20’s.) I’m determined to find a way to overcome this feeling of frustration.

I do find that exercising during this week helps me feel better. I just wish I didn’t get these food cravings when I am doing so well at eating healthy. I’m going to continue keeping my food journal and see how my moods affect my eating. I’m not a dietician or nutritionist, so this will be a challenge for me.

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