Body Pump

I was looking forward to a good workout on Monday after work. I went to the gym soon as I got off work. After running for 35 minutes on the treadmill, I decided I needed a change. My ankle began giving me problems, AGAIN….so since I was at the gym I thought I would try a class. I decided to try the Body Pump class. I wanted to so something to give my ankle a break.

I was afraid at first to go in. I’ve never done this before and didn’t want to look like an idiot. The class was almost ready to start when I went in and I noticed the others already had their equipment ready.  As quickly as possible, I went to the equipment closet and grabbed what I thought I needed. I tried to look like I belonged there.

I also tried to not go overboard on using heavy weights since this is my first time. I don’t want to be terribly sore afterwards. For the first few sets, I used hand weights instead of the barbell. As I got more comfortable with the class, I switched to a barbell with light weights.

I surprised myself and was able to finish the class (without passing out) and enjoyed it. Now I’m glad that I have experienced Body Pump and hope to do this class once a week at least. I’m not letting my ankle problems take over. If I can’t run as much as I want, I’ll switch to some other cardio exercise. I’m not giving up!

What changes do you make when injuries get in your way for fitness?

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