Fitness First

It’s Monday and I’m back on the fitness kick! I signed me and my hubby up for a 5k together. Its the Fenton Payne & Fred 5k Run in my town on August 20th. I’m thrilled that he wants us to do this together. I better get back to my running training. After a busy week in the office last week and a class reunion weekend, its time to get back to the gym.

For some reason, I’ve been stressed out at work today. I even had to shut my office door for several hours. I look forward to getting to the gym tonight. A good sweat session always makes me feel better!

I went home for lunch and had a BIG salad with romaine, carrots, a cucumber and sunflower seeds. I also had an applesauce cup with it. Very tasty! After a weekend of eating too much, a fresh salad was just what I needed. I’m also on track with drinking water today.

How is your Monday so far?

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