Class Reunion Weekend!

It’s time for our 25th year class reunion! It’s hard to believe its been that many years. Surely we can’t be that old! I went to high school at a small private school and attended there K-12 grades. Our class had 13 graduates!

We were a close group and look forward to our reunions. Unfortunately, somehow I was put in charge of planning. Don’t these people realize I am not a planner? Anyway, somehow it all came together. And most everyone is more concerned with spending time with each other instead of what we are doing.

On Friday night, we had dinner at Maple Street Grill. This is one of my favorite local places. We had a nice dinner and enjoyed conversations as we reminisced about high school days. After dinner, a few of us stayed at the lounge upstairs, Uncorked. It has a very nice, intimate atmosphere. There were tables gathered around the bar area with candles and a very nice selection of music playing. I enjoyed a pomegranate sangria, well maybe 2. I took a few pictures.

We laughed so much it hurt!

You will notice my Sangria on the table. It was yummy!

On Saturday, we are planning a picnic at a local park where we will bring food and enjoy the day together. More people will attend this event and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. I’ll update this in another post.

It is so much fun getting together with old friends and finding out what they are doing now. I even think my hubby enjoyed himself. He got to hear stories of our high school days and things about his crazy wife that he didn’t know.

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