Running – Ups and Downs

Now that I’m an official member of the MAC, I went to workout after work on Monday. I decided to try a different running routine this time. I used the 5k loop setting on the treadmill instead of setting a specific time to end the workout. I also wanted to test myself to see how long I could run without stopping. I’ve been doing the run/walk intervals for about a month now and felt the need to challenge myself. I was able to run continuously for 10 minutes! For me, that was great! I also felt like I could have kept going, except my right foot began bothering me. For the last few times I have run on the treadmill, I have had problems with my foot feeling like its going to sleep. This is very irritating to me, especially since I felt like I could run more. Even when I switched to walking, my foot still feels numb. I had to end the workout before the 5k was reached, after about 30 minutes. 😦 This is the same foot/ankle I have sprained multiple times. I have sent out facebook and twitter comments for any advise from fellow runners. I have gotten several responses. Here are a few of them:

  • Are my shoes laced too tight?
  • Have I been properly fitted for running shoes at a specialty store?
  • Am I stretching enough?

The one I am most guilty of the the second one. I have never been to a specialty store to be fitted for shoes. I usually buy shoes that I like and that feel comfortable. The shoes I use most of the time currently were a gift from my husband for Mother’s Day. I suppose if I am going to be serious about running, I should listen to this advice. I guess my main reason for not doing this is the fear of spending a fortune on shoes. I read an article earlier that stated that this is not necessarily the case. If this is the answer, I am willing to do it.

For now, I plan on switching to another pair of shoes that I have and see how that works. I am also going to do less running over the next few days and more cross training, such as Body Pump classes or Zumba.

I am not going to give up on running. I will find out what is causing my problem and find a solution. Walking is fine, but I really want to RUN!

Do you have any advice for me and my running problem? If so, please comment!

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