Patriotic Service at Church

I went to an awesome church service this morning at my sister’s church. Every year they have an Independence Day service to honor all active duty and veterans. I am always touched by their patriotic service.


Edgemont Baptist Church – program


My sister singing a solo at church

 Every year their program is a little different but it it always a touching event. My favorite part is the presentation of the flag of each military branch while the hymn of the branch is being sung. At this time, they ask all those that served or are serving in each branch to stand and be recognized. My husband was a Marine and I’m always very proud when he stands.

I’m very emotional about patriotic services and today was not an exception. I teared up several times throughout the service. After the service, we stayed for a potluck lunch provided by the church. I was so happy John and Whitney went with me to this service. It means a lot to me to have my family go to church with me. After church, I treated myself to a nap. Today is a rest day on my exercise calendar, so I don’t feel too guilty about that.

My exercise calendar -sticking to it!

Now its time to get ready for my week. I’m getting geared up for a busy work week and making appointments on my calendar to get my workouts in. I have made a decision on joining a gym and will go tomorrow to Murfreesboro Athletic Club to officially join. I feel good about making decisions that will help me reach my fitness goals.

Have a great week everyone!

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