Decisions, decisions

Trying to make a decision about which gym to join is a tough one. I have been using a free pass to Murfreesboro Athletic Club since last week. I like this one but the membership rates are a little high for me.

Yesterday I went to Olympus Health Club to see what they have to offer. It looks like they have about the same things I am looking for but just not as “plush” as the other one. It is a little smaller with less cardio equipment and only one group exercise room, but the difference in price is huge. The only thing about Olympus that I don’t like is that it seemed to be more of a guy’s gym and for bodybuilders. There were women there working out, but I think the MAC is more of a women friendly place.

Its hard for me to make this decision. But I am giving myself until the end of the day to choose one or the other. I’m ready to choose one and get serious about my training! My calendar tells me I have a cross training workout to do today. Hmmm, what shall I do?

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