Rest Day

According to my schedule, today is a rest day for me. I’m happy about that.

I have been religiously working out 5 days a week now and look forward to those rest days! Especially when I over do it some the day before. I did a running workout at Murfreesboro Athletic Club last night.

I chose a treadmill in the Cardio Theater room. That has to be the coolest thing! It was a good workout for me even though it seemed as my pace slowed down some. The running seemed easier to me. I really love that! I AM getting stronger. I noticed my leg muscles were getting stiff last night before bed and this morning they really feel tight! I need to stretch more, obviously. Mental note taken.

I’m looking forward to going home after work, sipping some herbal tea (or possibly a glass of Merlot) and taking a detox bath while listening to my “chill” music. Ahhhh!

What is your relaxation routine?

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