Father’s Day

Do you know the story about how Father’s Day began? I’ve heard the story before because I used to live in Spokane, WA, the town that observed the first Father’s Day in 1910. So before you go out to buy a new tie for your dad, how about learning what this holiday is about.

Here is the story: http://www.holidays.net/father/story.htm

I know we have several days until June 19, but I thought we all could use some reflection on this holiday instead of waiting until Sunday to buy a last minute gift or hope the cards aren’t too picked over. My dad prefers to have dinner cooked for him in lieu of a gift he will never use. I usually buy him a sentimental card but gifts are totally optional. He enjoys a nice home-cooked meal made by his daughters which usually include a peach cobbler at the end.

My dad is a very special guy and as I’ve grown older I have realized how great he really is. Of course when I was a teenager, he was the enemy and always seemed to ruin my fun. But as I grew older and had children of my own, I realized just how smart he is and I rely on him for advice very often.

My dad is the handsome one on the left.

Happy Father’s Day to all dad’s everywhere!!

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