A wonderful wedding weekend

I had a wonderful weekend in Alabama with my mom and sister. We attended a beautiful wedding and stayed in a great lodge located on a golf course, called Farmlinks in Sylacauga, AL. The lodge had 8 bedrooms so other members of our family stayed there too. The wedding was onsite so it was very convenient. We stayed in the Parker Lodge. It was very comfortable. Here are some pictures I took.

Great Room at Parker Lodge

View from Parker Lodge

We were escorted to the wedding in a golf cart, the VIP treatment! It was an outdoor wedding so we had been praying that the rain would hold off at least until after the ceremony. It did begin lightly raining soon after the ceremony began, but it didn’t last very long. The ceremony was beautiful!

After the ceremony, we were transported to the reception area which took place under tents that were decorated beautifully.

Me and my sister waiting for the reception to begin

 The dinner was wonderful. I was happy there were several options to choose from. I decided on shrimp with grits, chicken tenders and lots of grilled vegetables. The asparagus was excellent. The beverages served were iced tea and lemonade served in mason jars, typical for a southern wedding.

My dinner plate – shrimp with grits, chicken tenders with jalepeno sauce and lots of veggies and fresh fruit

The wedding cake!

My mom

The reception was lovely. There was a live band named Act of Congress. I enjoyed watching the first dance of the bride and groom and the dance between my cousin and her dad (my uncle).  It was very sweet!

Bride dancing with her dad

My sister and I decided that our uncle looks a lot like Steve Martin in the movie, Father of the Bride. He didn’t seem to mind that comparison. That happens to be one of my favorite movies!

After the wedding festivities, we came back to the lodge to hang out with our family. It was a lot of fun. After a restful night, we met at the Clubhouse for brunch on Sunday morning before leaving Farmlinks. The weekend was a lot of fun, even though the road trip was a short one.

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