My baby girl is 21!

It’s June 8th, a very special day to me. 21 years ago, my first born daughter, Jan’a Mechele was born. She was 6 weeks premature, but thank goodness she was healthy. Now she is a beautiful young woman, who is carrying her first child. I decided to display pictures of my “baby girl” in honor of her today.
Happy Birthday, sweetheart.ļ»æ
Jan’a and me at Komen for the Cure

Jan’a and me!

Jan’a (right) and her sister, Whitney (left)

Jan’a – 3 months old I think – always loving the lace and frilly things!

Jan’a (left) and Whitney (right)

Jan’a (left) and Whitney (right) on our recent vacation to Gatlinburg

Motherhood sure has its rewards! We have had so many good times together. I love my family!

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