Family Vacation plans

I love taking family vacations. We are going away for Memorial Day weekend. Here is a peek at Our vacation cabin in the mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. My hubby and I were married at a wedding chapel there so we go there at least once a year. Since this year marks our 5 yr anniversary, maybe a vow renewal should be planned? Here’s a picture…

Our wedding picture – Gatlinburg Sept 2006

This time we are taking the kids with us for a 4 day family getaway. My kids are almost grown but they really enjoy our vacations. They are a little bit spoiled.

I don’t want to let my fitness slack off during this time, so I’m researching hiking trails to possibly attempt. I can’t guarantee that the rest of the family will join me though. These cabins have a full kitchen and gas grill on the deck so at least we can prepare some of our meals, without having to eat out every day. It’s easier to include healthier options that way too.

One of our favorite things about the cabins is the hot tub. I keep telling my hubby that this needs to be our next big purchase. They are so relaxing! And there’s something about sitting in the hot tub on the deck of the cabin with the mountain views with a glass of wine and your sweetheart that is just marvelous.

The town just outside of Gatlinburg is Pigeon Forge and is a fun place for tourists. Here are some Pigeon Forge travel links. Since my husband is a veteran, we will hopefully find something to do to honor veterans on Memorial Day.

What are your plans for Memorial Day?

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