Saturday – Date night (and day)!

After my walk on Saturday, I spent the day with my hubby. We went to lunch at one of my favorite places, Wasabi! It’s a Japanese restaurant that I go to because I love the hibachi grill. It’s always so much fun and their prices are very reasonable. We can eat lunch there for under $20 for soup, salad, and hibachi chicken with vegetables and fried rice and a drink.


enjoying the show!

Hibachi chicken with fried rice and vegetables

Later in the evening, John and I went out with friends to listen to some live music at The Boro Bar and Grill , a local bar with some friends. The band we saw was A.K.A. Rudie . We enjoyed our evening even though we didn’t drink much. I learned that I can have fun without over indulging. Nice! I had one glass of Guinness and drank water the rest of the night.


our friends Ben & Sienna dancing at the club


me and my hubby

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