Staying on track

I’m staying on track with fitness this week. One motivator is that I am scheduled to have my yearly physical soon. I have done well with sticking to healthy eating and exercising all week. So, it CAN be done! I really need to post a note somewhere where I can see it…to remind me about how much better I feel when I exercise and eat right. That alone should motivate me to stay on track! I am glad that I found a co-worker that likes to walk and we have started walking on our lunch break, as long as the weather allows us to. Unfortunately today that was not the case! We are having storms passing through Tennessee today with tornadoes and heavy thunderstorms. It looks like I’ll be hitting the treadmill when I get home.

I am very pleased to announce that I found a Couch to 5K challenge via @EatMoveWrite on Twitter a few days ago and I signed up. I began the program a while ago, but didn’t finish it. I want to start over with this challenge and make it through to the end! Here is the link to the challenge, if you are interested too! Couch 2 5K Challenge

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