Southern eating made healthy? is it possible?

I am challenging myself to re-make some of my favorite southern dishes in a way that is healthier. Southerners traditionally have diets consisting of fried foods, biscuits, sweet tea and rich desserts. I was rasied on this kind of eating and am paying for it now! I want to be able to eat the foods I love, but would like to make substitutions so these foods aren’t so bad for me and my family. But let’s keep that a secret from my family. If they know I’m not adding full fat cheese and real sugar, they will ban my cooking.

Obesity is a national problem, but the southern states seem to struggle more with this problem. I found this website helpful Obesity Trends from the CDC It appears as my state is in the top three highest states for obesity. This map is found on the CDC website.

I have family members that have just been diagnosed with diabetes and I have high cholesterol myself. I want to do something to change this epidemic in my state and the United States. Have you seen the TV show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution ? I have been watching it and am shocked by the obesity problems in our country. Have YOU signed his petition? Check out his website using the link above.

It’s almost Easter and I have a family dinner to attend. I’ve tried making healthier options in the past, only to be ridiculed by my family. I am bringing a 7-layer salad and macaroni and cheese. I am determined to make some changes that are hopefully un-noticable. The salad is pretty healthy, as long as I substitute low fat cheese and mayo. The macaroni and cheese on the other hand, is a different story. I’ll let you know how this turns out….stay tuned! Happy Easter!

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