Manic Monday

What a Monday! I was very overwhelmed most of the day with so much work that I couldn’t get caught up. I really don’t like days like that. I even resorted to closing my office door for most of the afternoon. The bummer was the meeting that ran long during my lunch hour and got me off track. And I ended up working late to try to finish the things that were top priority. Whew! Now, I’m home and starting to relax a bit. 

I have been known to be a “stressed out” person by nature. But I had learned ways to deal with it, or so I thought. Some days are worse than others. And I wasn’t too bright in choosing my career as an accountant. I think its one of the most stressful jobs out there. So tonight I will try to remember the ways to deal with stress and see if it works. Wish me luck!

What works for you?

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