Ready for spring

Well, I’m glad to hear we may be in for an early spring from the results of Groundhog Day. I certainly hope so! We had warm weather in TN last weekend in the high 60’s and now its back in the 20’s today! I really miss the warm weather and sunshine!

I’m so proud of my daughter, Whitney. She gets up every morning at 6:00 a.m. and works out on the treadmill. I have trouble working out in the mornings – I’m not really a morning person and prefer to work out after work. She is making great strides in her weight loss. I think the best thing she has done is give up sugary drinks and exercise more. She is my inspiration! Go Whitney, Go!


Did you watch the Biggest Loser last night? I loved it when the Purple team almost brought Jillian to tears. Very touching….and brought me to tears also! I am really confused why the black team came on the show. Since neither of them really wanted to be there at all anyway. Someone that wanted to do the program could have taken their place. I’m not sure that I agree with the decision of which one of the Red team to send home. But the “family” made that decision.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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