Our new room

We have done some remodeling in our house over the last few days. We decided to turn our extra bedroom into our exercise room. So now we have our treadmill, exercise bike and other equipment in one central location, rather than scattered all over the house.

I don’t believe I will be able to move in my heavy bag though, so it will have to stay in the garage.

We have also moved my fitness dvd’s to this room. I think there is enough room in there to work out.
I’m glad we have everything in one room. It’s much easier to workout without the excuse of it being too cold in the garage or not being able to workout to a dvd because someone else is watching tv. I have also noticed other members of my family taking advantage of the room to work out. That’s awesome!

I still have some work to do on the room but I’ll take it one day at a time. ο»Ώ
I did notice that I had trouble keeping up with drinking water today. I usually have no problem with that since I keep a water bottle on my desk and fill it with filtered water throughout the day. But for some reason today, I needed more caffeine and had the urge for a Dr. Pepper. I have almost given up soda completely so I found this a little strange. So after coming home from a long day at work, I managed to drink a few more bottles of water. My job was a little stressful today so I’ll use that as my excuse. Mental note:  find better ways of dealing with stress than to consume hundreds of empty calories!

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