The "Me" movement

I just joined the ME movement! Here’s a link to the webpage for more information.

I am all about setting goals and doing my best to stick to them. Especially when the goals are about taking care of myself. Therefore….I pledge to take care of myself during the holidays this year. It’s easy to get stressed out over family dinners, shopping, and December is the month I have more family members birthdays than any other month. I will make sure to plan time for myself during the stressful times that the holiday season can bring. I have set 3 goals:

  1. I will be more mindful of what I eat and try to stay on track. but i will not feel guilty if i indulge occassionly. 
  2. I will stay active every day and continue training for a 5K. I will celebrate small victories and not stress over obstacles. 
  3. I will schedule time for me – time for relaxation, alone time doing things i enjoy in a non stressful environment. i’m working on a “mom cave.”

What a wonderful idea! Being able to set goals to help me remember to take care of ME!

“Mom cave”? The “mom cave” is an idea I have for creating the perfect room for relaxation, a tranquility room. I imagine a room with comfy seating, lots of pillows, scented candles and relaxing music playing softly. A mini fridge for wine to be chilling and one wine glass. (It’s for me, right?) A massage chair and foot spa are other additions that I feel are necessary. I began getting relaxation massages a few months ago and I cannot tell you how much they have helped me. I suppose my “mom cave” is representative of the feeling I have after getting my massage. I almost forgot….one small detail. There are no kids or husbands allowed. I don’t feel that I would need to use the room very often, but how wonderful it would be after a stressful day!

So, here I go. I pledge to take care of ME!

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