Is it Monday already?

It’s Monday morning and back to work for me. I had a nice weekend but realized last night that I can’t push my healthy ideas on everyone around me. I tend to become a little obsessive about things and I admit that I have tried to get my family to jump on board with me. I just hope they know that I love them and the only reason I push this is because I want all of us to be around for a long time. I know obesity is a risk factor for many diseases and anything I can do to prevent problems as I age is a priority for me. My scare with heart disease this year really affected me to start living healthier. I plan on continuing on my healthy journey and if others want to join thats wonderful, but I will not nag them. It is harder to stick with healthy eating when other family members buy foods that I have chosen not to eat anymore. But I look at it as a challenge! It will only make me a stronger person.

I am very glad to report that my mom called me this morning and she is going for a walk in her neighborhood this morning. She doesn’t usually exercise but I believe participating in the Start! Heart Walk yesterday had an impact on her. Way to go, Mom!

I think I’ll have a healthy snack…


I love these!!!


I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. -Henry David Thoreau

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