Time to Vote!

It’s voting day! Did you vote yet? I went this morning on my way to work. I’d like to encourage all registered voters to vote today.

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I woke up with a stomach virus and stayed home in bed all day. I was only able to eat a few crackers and drink some Sprite. I’m feeling a little better today, but am afraid to eat very much. So I’m taking it slow. I usually have oatmeal with frozen blueberries for breakfast with coffee, but not today. I will be glad when things get back to normal. My eating routine is very structured and after being sick I’m afraid to jump right back in.

I will be busy at work today trying to catch up from being out yesterday. Did I mention that I’m an accountant? I really enjoy my work but some weeks are busier than others and that tends to stress me out a little. I’m trying to learn to deal with stress in a healthy way with yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises.

I always look forward to Tuesday nights, since I am a huge fan of The Biggest Loser. I set it to record on my DVR, but try to get home in time to watch it. That show really motivates me! I love Bob and Jillian.

Have a great Tuesday! Now get out there and VOTE!

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